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Explore the frontier of Neo NFT Upcycling, a platform dedicated to transforming both new and existing NFTs by imbuing them with advanced, battle-ready attributes. Designed for community-focused enthusiasts and collectors within the digital asset space.

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Leverage our proprietary soft locker system within our modular, open-source framework that ensures complete autonomy over your NFT collections.

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Broaden your capabilities with our platform that spans both official and underground markets, enhanced by 'B' tokens that amplify intrinsic value.

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We're excited to unfold the new era of BATTLE HARD. Our website will be launching progressively to bring you an enhanced, feature-rich experience. Stay tuned as we unveil new modules, optimized interfaces, and immersive content. Join us on this journey and be the first to explore each phase of our evolving digital battleground.

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Revolutionize your digital identity by using any NFT in your collection as an avatar on our platform, including our exclusive "swappables" — customizable profile pictures designed to elevate your online presence.

NFT Upcycling


Fuse up to four NFTs into one superior, battle-ready token. Or, choose to strip back to a 'blueprint' for a fresh start. It's the alchemy of digital collectibles — your canvas for future creations.

B Token Economics


Mint and update on our platform with 'B', our native token. Earned through community participation and reserved in sales, 'B' fuels governance and a unique recycling mechanism—keeping the ecosystem robust and engaged.

AI-Driven NFT Traits


At the heart of BATTLE HARDENED, our custom-trained AI dynamically seeds traits into your NFTs, tailoring unique attributes that evolve. Driven by community feedback, our AI adapts, ensuring your NFTs not only stand out but also grow in complexity and value. Be a part of this groundbreaking journey where your input directly influences the genesis of NFT characteristics.

Token Exchange Platform


Introducing the Public Vending Machine — our direct token trade platform where simplicity meets versatility. Exchange Token A for Token B at rates you control, sidestepping the complexity of liquidity pools. Empower your trades by setting personal offer terms, and experience the freedom of a marketplace that puts you in the driver's seat.

Starter Kit


Unbox the essentials with our Starter Kit. Inside, find a premium aviation-grade aluminum pen, an NFC-enabled keychain, 'B' tokens, and exclusive tokens from project collaborators. Begin your journey equipped for success.

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Get ready for epic showdowns in our NFT Arena, where digital assets come to life in thrilling Pokémon-style battles. Challenge your collection in one-on-one duels or tag-team face-offs, and emerge victorious in a dynamic battlefield that rewards strategy and flair. Engage in the ultimate test of your NFTs' valor and watch them battle it out for supremacy and rewards.

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Engage with our cutting-edge, community-driven open-source projects that fuel innovation and foster collaborative development across all our platform's technologies.

Coming soon to Neo.

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